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01 Sep 2023

ORMs / Query Builders / Raw SQL - Some ramblings

So w.r.t the ORMs / QueryBuilders / Raw SQL; Below are my observations (some from my own experiences) - **Advocating a...
30 Jul 2020

Typescript - Creating custom types from string literal (union) types

There may be times when you need to compose a new type from already existing string literal union type. Composing here...
26 Jul 2020

Migrating AWS Lambda to Pulumi Project from Serverless

Here you can find how to move an AWS Lambda function deployed as a Serverless Framework application into a Pulumi project without making any changes to lambda code.
11 Jul 2020

Technical blog primer

This blog post, especially for technology blog enthusiasts gives heads up on considerations before starting a technical blog.
13 Sep 2011

Changing eclipse ${user} variable value

By default, eclipse uses the OS user name as the `${user}` value. You can hard code the user's real name in the eclipse...