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The truth is out there. Anybody got the URL?!

Privacy and GDPR related info

This web site respects your privacy. It only utilizes the absolute minimum of information, provided by third-party services, that is necessary to operate in an efficient and aesthetically coherent manner. There is no business model associated with this site and there is nothing sold here. There is no mailing list.

Site Architecture and third-party services used:

This is a static site generated using the Hugo framework. Additional technologies used on top of that include:

Google Analytics (GA). GA is used to track the number of visitors to this site. This is done to improve the site and thus improve your experience.

▶️ You can opt out of GA by installing the GA opt-out browser add-on.

Google Fonts (GF). GF are high-quality fonts used on this web site, to improve the quality of the final rendered text at your end. This is an essential service for the appearance of the site.

▶️ For privacy considerations concerning the use of GF you can read here.

Disqus. A Disqus plug-in is enabled on this site to allow user comments in the site's articles. All the data flowing through the plug-in (comments and registered users) are controlled by Disqus.

▶️ If you are concerned about privacy regarding Disqus you can read here.

Cookies. This site uses cookies through the third-party services utilized. Specifically, the cookies come via Google Analytics, Google Fonts and Disqus. Disqus cookies are used if you are signed up and/or logged-in to their service.